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To nurture every kid’s potential to the fullest



To be recognized as the most nurturing & holistic early childhood provider



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Core Values

Caring Heart 关怀心
We are child-centered. We care about our children. We devote ourselves to our children with all passion. 我们关心孩子,以孩子为中心,把爱心与热情奉献于我们的孩子

Accountability 责任心
We are fully responsible for all activities for our children to provide the best education and safest environment. 我们致力为孩子提供最好及安全的教育环境

Proactive 积极主动
We take the initiative to establish a better environment and atmosphere to enrich our children’s experience. 我们主动建立更好的环境和氛围,丰富我们孩子的经验

Competence 上进的能力
We continuously improve ourselves in order to help our children grow and see the new future. 我们不断提升自己,以帮助孩子成长,创造美好的未来

Loyalty 忠诚
We are bonded to each other, like family. We help each other, including our children and their parents, making it a better place to work. 我们与孩子和家长,就像家庭一样,互相配合与支持

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Hi! This is Ms Mala. I'm the principal of Whizkid Preschool. Happy to walk you through the fee structure, subsidies or personally show you around the school. Let me know if there's anything I can help with!
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