SMART Curriculum

Our team of highly qualified preschool educators are in a strong position to provide the right care in a safe and progressive learning environment that respects your child’s rights and uniqueness. We emphasize on uniqueness as no two children are the same and a child’s path to excellence will take many different turns. With more than 30 years of accumulated experience in this industry, we have learned to study a child’s unique talent, skill, learning styles to build the child’s strengths. The curriculum develops the child through a balanced and holistic programme that paves the way for a lifelong joy for learning. Your child will get an early exposure to different teaching methodologies focusing on subject areas as part of the daily curriculum and programme. This will help your child to adapt and succeed in any learning environment in the future.

Our curriculum creates :

  • Confident Children who are ready for lifelong learning
  • Develop children holistically in their skills and areas so that they become successful individual in the future
  • Children are encouraged to be engaged and be curious about learning and learning becomes intrinsic and enjoyable
  • Child who is aware of his strength and talent and is keen to be developed in that area of interest
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Hi! This is Ms Mala. I'm the principal of Whizkid Preschool. Happy to walk you through the fee structure, subsidies or personally show you around the school. Let me know if there's anything I can help with!
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