Why Choose Whizkid

The word WHIZ derives from the word wizard.
Wizard is a person considered to be exceptionally gifted or skilled.

A person of amazing skill or accomplishment: a wizard at chemistry / wizard at Math.
So here at Whizkid Preschool our hope is to create this,” LITTLE WIZARDS” of our own.

We believe that  every child has a special potential, talent and strength and we want to recognise them and give them a head start in nurturing those strength to become little genius in the making.

Since Whizkid also emphasizes on the bilingual education, English and Chinese, Our Chinese name for Whizkid Preschool is : 慧童園

☞慧 (Hui): smart with wisdom
☞童園 (Tong Yuan): kindergarten, preschool, or the place for kids

The Star is the key element of the logo whereby it represent the children’s talent and potential. Our children will grow up to rising star to become leaders of the future .

The colours of WHIZKID are chose to reflect the warm, fun and cheerful environment.. In additional, blue represents boys and the pink represents girls 

We are able to create little wizards for we have:

  • Low- Staff child ratio
Low staff child ratio allow us to offer quality attention to your child. Class size is an important influence on the quality and educational effectiveness of preschool programs, when class size is small more care and attention is given to each child. Every interaction becomes a purposeful one where ideas are shared and quality of listening and understanding becomes more effective and meaningful. Thus, the child is better understood and we can identify child’s needs and focus on developing him in his improvements, strength and talents.
  • Experience Specialised Teachers
With more than 15 years in the childcare industry, our teachers have the necessary skills, training and experience to develop the learning needs of every child and offer professional advice to parents. Every teacher has their own area of specialisation and focus on teaching the different subject areas. e.g Growing with Mathamatics, Letterland and our Rig Bee reading programme.
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Hi! This is Ms Mala. I'm the principal of Whizkid Preschool. Happy to walk you through the fee structure, subsidies or personally show you around the school. Let me know if there's anything I can help with!
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